Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The Left Wing (Or A Rather Late Love Letter To Rosicky)

 - Part of the 365 days of writing challenge. Fml.
As most of you probably know, I'm an arsenal fan. Welp. Just clearing that out. What most of you probably don't know is how it started. Watching the world cup with my dad, in 2006, breaking the tradition from my father's side of the family and supporting and watching Germany, I couldn't help but admire how Lukas Podolski effortlessly linked up with a now legendary Miroslav Klose. And feel bad for Mertesacker being kicked in the balls, that too. Years later when I make the effort to find out which club they both played for, surprise! Yeah, Arsenal, and I'm still the biggest fan of the one of the two  remaining here. Should be next to be named captain, in my opinion. But I'm getting too technical. 

Next time 21st April, I happen to be watching the TV and see a demigod hailing by the name of Andrey/Andrei Arshevin totally annihilate Liverpool from the left wing, only for the match to be drawn sadly, but he scored 4 goals in one of the most thrilling matches of the Premier League ever. There was Tomas Rosicky who till date remains one of my biggest inspirations, the way he went all in for tackles, his shots and flair, he always sped up our game by two or three touches and we never looked to be making any mistakes on the ball when he was around, and most importantly, banging Spurs every time. There was Podolski when he came around, scored in bangers and was an absolute bulldog on the pitch, my favorite till date. And nothing pleased me better as a fan when arguably the start of title winning intentions was started, after 3 years of hard support knowing the club as "4senal" and trophyless, Mesut Ozil coming around for a short time however flattering to deceive until this season, that too centrally sadly not on the left, and Alexis Sanchez lighting it up on his debut season.
There's something I've fallen in love with about this position and this club, and everybody has these little things they're too attached to. Which is the reason I celebrated when Theo scored the goal from the left, a total screamer vs Manchester City, and abused him when he would play there elsewise obviously not deserving it. These're the little things you're a little emotional about and you forego logic when these are brought into conversation, but hey, I'm proud of mine, my little addiction the left wing, arsenal, and all of number 7s at Arsenal who've made me fall in love with the beautiful game again and again.
Thank you, this was JustAnotheRandomGuy
Day 1, #365 Days Of Writing

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

When God Happens

When God Happens.
I know most of you reading this probably don't believe in Him, a way or sort. Or you could keep your faith, but personally, I was never a man of faith until sometime now. But is it because we're simply looking for the wrong thing? How can you feel faith for a person, savior, somebody you've never seen? It either takes blind love or total belief which is beyond me.
When Moses went to God at the top of the hill and asked Him to describe himself, He simply replied "I am".
Therefore I believe God; is not an entity; or person; but an action, a verb. God is something that happens. Something that you feel. A personification of creation, goodwill, everything that is sunshine, puppy dogs and rainbows. As absurd as it sounds, haha, once you feel the all the good, you realize you're feeling something beyond you.

When the towers fell and the people of the world stood in silent unity with the people of New York. People lost their lives, humanity itself was shook but we came back stronger.

When you look into the eyes of that girl at the party and you know that you want it so bad you're going to do anything, anything to look in that all day.When you learn that woman or no woman, your happiness is bound by one thing and one thing only- yourself.

When you're inspired by the timeless evergoing clockwork enigma, that is Nature.
When you read a good book. Watch a good movie, forever changed by the sum of a few hours.
Maybe it's the few hours you spent in reflection; and when you came out, you knew much better.

When you see Her recover from the illness that plagued her, brought back to life, saved from her terminal condition.
When you realize that his death wasn't your fault. When you learn to forgive yourself. Forgiveness, to others is often preached, but the most important thing maybe is to forgive ourselves for all the things that we never did.

 When a parent gets to hold his child after months of suffering to see him- When a child embraces his father after months of his absence and suffering.

When the war ends. When out of the turmoil there's nothing but rebuilding and creating again. 
That, I believe is when God happens.

Perhaps, we won't die. We'll keep spinning on like a record meant to play forever.
Signing out, 

Sunday, 7 February 2016

The World's Worst Relatives

I have the world's worst grandfather. He was a zoologist.
I bet he could have taught me a lot about biology. I bet he could have kept it interesting for me while school on the other hand has stripped away whatever interest I had in the subject. I bet he could have kept my mind from dropping off in Science and my grades sliding down.
But he didn't.

I have the world's worst uncle. He was my mother's brother.
My mom keeps telling me he had a lot of friends. He was short like me but didn't get teased for it. He definitely could have helped me with my troubles in school. He could have imparted his social skills and not made me an awkward freak like I am today.
But he didn't.

I have the world's worst uncle and grandfathers. They knew a lot about football.
 They could have guided my passion in the sport. Maybe I wouldn't have turned out to be an Arsenal fan and spending those nights crying when we had the league snatched from us, a heartbreak in a cup or a big loss to a rival. My grandfather even was the vice-president of his local club. They could have taught me to play football and maybe I wouldn't have started hating this sport I once loved.
 But they didn't.

I have the world's worst Uncle. I bet he knew a lot about girls.

He even married one! I bet he could teach me a lot about how to handle the other gender. Maybe I wouldn't have been so shy around them all the time and maybe I could've charmed the one I always liked in school. He could have definitely helped me with my err....smoothness.
But he didn't.

I have the world's worst grandfather. I bet he went through a lot of tough times.
He was born just around the Independence, I think. He went through a lot of tough times, or so I'm told. I bet he could've help me get through mine.
But he didn't.

I have the world's worst Uncle. He was a doctor who trained in the NCC too!
He was quite strong and good-looking too.Once he got out of there he became a on-field doctor. But he smoked. I'm sure he could have helped me with being fit and charming instead of this unattractive bag of potatoes.
But he didn't.

I have the world's worst grandfather. He was a big foodie.
He used to get some new treat from the stalls on the street for my mother. He could have done the same for me too, you know. I'd have a much better understanding of food and I'd like to have actually had a delicious dinner cooked all by me. He could have helped me with everything food.

I have the world's worst relatives. They're just pictures on the wall.

What kind of a doctor smokes and throws his life away and dies? He could have stayed. I understand the knowledge wasn't out yet smoking killed but he should have known better. He left me all alone and there's so many things we could have done. He left his wife all alone and went straight back to a better place. 
He's really the world's worst uncle.

What kind of a grandfather doesn't want to tell his stories to his grandson? Take him out to eat on a nearby stall he knows which sells amazing samosas maybe. Read brilliant books together instead? Here I am looking at his picture at the centre of the wall. His eyes follow me throughout my room. What kind of a grandfather denies his grandson all these pleasures? 

He really is the world's worst grandfather.

What kind of monsters are they?
My uncle died on the 28th of March 2001.
My grandfather died on the 7th of March 2002.
They're the type of monsters because of the things they didn't do rather than the things they did.
They're the type of people that you miss.

Finally a raw post.
Patrick Daitya

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Last Post (such misleading titles)

So, after a long long time, I've finally decided to shut down this blog. Shut it down, yeah.

So there isn't much to say

No I don't know where I'm going but I know I'm gone.
I can't say what I've been feeling but I know I'm done.
I'm looking in the shadows,
Shadows of the past.
I do want more,
But we're moving too fast.

I ain't feeling, like I used to.
I'm knocked down hard, cause I used to;

Defy gravity.
Defy, gravity.
Goodbyes keep dragging me,
And I'm fighting gravity.
Fighting gravity.
I tried, but I keep falling.
Cause falling's easy.
But there's only one way up.
So I've been thinking about something.
Lately I've been alive.
Cause I found my reason in nothing,
So I'll close my eyes.
If I don't mean nothing.
To everything around me
Is it my fault that we are who we are,
When we've only ourselves to blame;

The sunlight begins to fade now
And I feel like I'm losing time
But I don't know how I'm here
The sunlight is turned to gray
And I feel like I'm losing love again
And I don't know how I'm here 

It's hard to know,
When it's time to go,
But I think I can,
Show the way out,
For myself,
Cause I know I'm fighting a battle I can't win.
I've tried hard but I'm the last of my kin.
It doesn't matter anymore,
When they won't think of you.
With an injured wing the eagle finds it hard, to soar.
So I'm leaving to.
Cause everybody leaves.

So I'm done.
And I don't know where I'm going but I know I'm gone.

You'll see me. Somewhere for sure. Just not here or on tumblr anymore. I'm done writing. You'll see my name on a youtube channel today maybe, or you'll see it on a vimeo short film, all i'm saying is watch out :)
For the last time. Haha.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Breaking Away

Breaking away, from the mainland
Been too long, paths erased off the sand.
But now I'm moving on
Gotta get on with my life 
Now I'm moving on, moving on.
Now I'm moving on, gotta get on with my life.
Moving, moving on.

I've, been away from the mainland
But all of my wind is gone.
And all of the paths, I'd drawn .
Have sunk into, the ocean, sand.
Where no one can see,me stand.
I can't let the dark embrace
Cower the dreams I chase.
Under the blood and rust.
I can't let myself-
Give up

But change-
Is inching its way through time.
As I'm, I'm walking this dangerous line
As I, I watch the world unfold
As they, they're just doing just what they're told
But I'm left in nowhere-
No place to hide.
Out in the open.
Like ashes in the sky
I quit the illusion.
I'm moving on, on.

But, I wouldn't mind a hand.

De-activated all social media that matters
Working on a script

Sunday, 12 July 2015


Hey guys.

I'm sorry for being such a shitty blogger. I'll get back as soon as i can, hopefully in a week or so.

What can I do, i just can't seem to shake this feeling away.
Until next time.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Frame Of Mind (Also, 69th post! :3 )

I see you.
Giving up? So early?
For now you can stay
Right here we will play
Until somehow you can find
A slightly better frame of mind

Take a deeper breath and give it time
The feeling's gone but the moment's right
Take your step out into the light
Fighting your state of mind.
Understand you can always stay
To be or not to be, but there's no may
Doesn't matter if the emotions sway
Your broken frame of mind.

When they say you will fall,
You will reach nothing at all,
Hide your tracks, beneath the dust,
Of your different frame of mind.

When all the feeling is gone,
Your growing apathy has shown
There again, in a new dawn,
Yelling out, under the sun,
That here we come, here we come
Reach out and think again,
With your shattered frame of mind

Oh when the light comes all true
You will know what to do
It's a step we take, me and you.
And then we will have won
With our unique frame of mind.

When the feeling is gray
And the soul in dismay
Understand you can always stay
I'll be here throughout your days
Hold your breath
And take a step
Into your new frame of mind.

So please. Never give up. Just rise higher, to a new altitude. For a different perspective.
And seek a new frame of mind.

Thanks for all the support, people. And this is for the ones who need some right now.
Cheers, meet 'ya at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe

It's also the 69th post, cheers! :3
[and yes, this was directed at you, obscured radiance]

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