Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Am I stuck with them, or are they stuck with me?

Day 2- Am I stuck with them, or are they stuck with me?

the second day in the horrific but fun Udaipur and Mt.Abu trip,in which our hero Patrick Daitya is stuck with not exactly the best roommates. Will he survive? Of course not.

So,guys! I might not blog as frequently now but the cycle tests are coming, and when they leave they'll have blood on their hands( not mine.....I hope) So Day 2 of the infamous Udaipur trip....comin' right at ya!

8 A.M.

Reach a quite rundown hotel, A.K.A. the Alka hotel. And the room.... where do I begin.Stuck with the wanted prankster Shawrya Mehra, a cynical Jeet, Shuchismit(probably the only sane person) who turns into a very bad for health storyteller at night, I couldn't be better off. Go into my room and try to figure out what just happened.

9 A.M.

Called for breakfast. I somehow compose myself, take the keys and go. The food isn't exactly worth it. Once we get back Shawrya keeps complaining and we notice a nest just outside the bathrooms.No water.

10 A.M.

Go for Haldighati museum and get droned about a damn tall guy( Maharana Pratap). This guy was 7 freakin' feat! I could pass between his legs( I'm 4"7). His horse, Chetak, used a trunk mask to look like a baby elephant so elephants wouldn't hurt him. Like anybody fell for that trick. We see a short film( 7 min) and haldighati model. Apparently so much blood was spilled the soil turned reddish yellow( thus haldi) It was a mountain pass (thus ghati).

1 P.M.

Lunch and back. I feel bored with these bunch of people. That's it, I shift the first chance I get.

3 P.M.

Play Uno and wrestle. Go to other rooms and ye gods, they are so much better than ours

6 P.M.

Are called mysteriously by the teachers for some assignment. Teachers, you ashame me. Putting us to work at a school vacation! Preposterous!(whatever that means)

9 P.M.

I go to sleep.
So guys! Finished day 2 and..... 

I don't feel like covering the entire trip so the next 3 days come in a type of summary.Why, you ask? Well, first of all I'm not able to tell you about the other important stuff, and it's getting harder to remember every single detail( I have some condition) and who cares, we all gonna die! Allright, you can object and I shall see.

Signing off, let's hope a hurricane comes our way!
Yours nihillically
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