Sunday, 29 December 2013

Deserved Cookies

So guys
Merry christmas, dear fellows! I know I'm late but times are getting harder you know.

So I found out people read my blog. WOW!
As you know, unit 731, my story was actually selected for the school(that's kinda good) and won a certificate-
of participation- :D
But this blog post today is for something today. Every once in a while every one deserves a cookie. When I made a video on urban biodiversity, I thought my vid was pretty bad and didn't advertise it as much. But now I know whatever I do, I'm doing it for myself( and the lovely audience) so I don't give two shits on crickets  critics BLEEP*
today I encountered another such person-

Not gonna take names but, the story was awesome( her's, that is) I mean I feel like Barack Obama-

So people deserve cookies. That's what I've been trying to say. Cookies are the reason everyone isn't a nihilist like me. So get the job done- and remember : don't give a shit bout what others say because you're doing it for yourself, *bleep* the world.
So yours deservingly
Just Another Random Cookie Guy

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