Sunday, 8 December 2013

And we set off

And we set off....

So, hows it going people? I just returned from an awesome school trip to Udaipur and Mt. Abu, had some great time with my (so called) friends and da hell, watched Vh1 Ialmost every other second. So I'll upload every day.For today you all get day 1 and I go back to black flag on ma ps3

Day 1 - Mayhem Till Da A.M.

So I waved my parents outside the comesum restaurant and started off on my 3rd school trip. Loaded my stuff and set myself for the journey, seat 50

8 P.M.

I open my bingo packet and share it around the crazy sixties( from sixth grade) and Aryaman A.K.A. mister funnyguy. Played Uno and tried writing Mario vs Wolverine

10 P.M.

Dinner gets served and I have it with Praneel (the not crazy sixty) and Jeet. Praneel spills some on jeet's bunk and we clean it.

11 P.M.

We do crazy things like draw on faces, climb from bunk to bunk and hide from the teachers- later I get bored and go to sleep. Nineties move in and I shift my bunk to the window seat. Sleep again

1 A.M.

Raghav wakes me up with an awkward kuchi-kuchi-koo! As I'm bored I keep kicking  jeets bunk and the insane nineties talk about jeet shining and all. Kept singing till 5

5 A.M.

Kamna ma'am alerts us about the train arriving and we set off to udaipur

So that's it for day 1 and I hope you enjoyed it.Let's hope the aliens kill us.
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