Thursday, 16 January 2014


People, today I discuss a very subjective topic


I really hate this. Do you know why India and Pakistan don't get along? Because of people. Listen, a true patriot doesn't hate every other country, but loves his own. Look what I got on today.
No boy . Muslims = Hindu
Pakistanis , Bangladeshis and Indians equal.
Do you know what used to happen while I was in D.P.S.? One day in class 4th we had to tell about our family. I discussed my Bangladeshi roots and bang ,a wave of criticism hit my face. People are even as mindless to call me Pakistani because Bangladesh was part of Pakistan.

 But some of the children aren't to blame. Some parents grow them up with such a mindset

Grow up people. #PeaceOut

Signing out, zombies will take over the world
Just Another Random Pissed-off  Guy

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