Saturday, 1 February 2014


Hello planet Earth!

So I am doing a project on aliens- cool right? Just that nobody seems to ever work except for me.

 In my group everybody seems to be interested okay but zero- anda(egg) - 00000000 on work.

For example, we have some gawaars ( Uneducated schmuck)who just can't do some work once in a while. 


So I found the simple answer. Fire one and threaten to do the same to all. 
So I took in Akshaye who was able to do some work. 
 Well, so far, the projects been going real nice, and looks like my decision was the right one.

Aliens do exist I think...... I've been able to come up with gargantuan amount of evidence. lets talk about first a specific type of Aliens (Yes, fool, there are different types of them)


Okay, so these guys the real deal. The most vicious ones- Hollywood has got a brief understanding of them: A little less then the aliens from Alien( The whole series). But more like the ones from Predator( Arnold Shwarznegger for life! B| ). So you want proof? Okay.

Proof for these little vile creatures attempting to kill you every second- Look behind (Aww, too bad. He ran away.)

Heard of Cecrops I? This Greek king was believed to be half man, half snake. i.e. a reptilian. Now  there were also the Indian legend of Naga, who were supreme beings (Aliens ) who came to earth and spent a lot of time living underground and communicated with some earthlings.

And in Chinese mythology, dragons had the ability to shape shift into human form. Their kings were the dragon rulers of the four seas: north, south, east and west and similar to stories about Reptilians would attack the people without provocation. Temples of honor were built for these kings to appease them. This easily fits the reptilian definition.The alien Reptilian alleged to originate from Draco differs from Reptoids, its earth dwelling relative. 

While their height is also between 6 and 9 feet, this alien species also has wings made of bone covered with scales that span 6 to 7 feet. Their body structure is similar to the earth Reptilian except they have been sighted with horns on their head and sometimes along the length of the spine. About 20% of sightings fall into the reptilian aliens category though there are signs of early human interaction with them. 

Oh, Alien Satan. Woohoo!
Some people believe Satan, A.K.A. The devil is a reptilian. Wings, horns, tails, scales and all clearly fit this description. In fact you would not be wrong to believe, like me, that gods and demons are nothing but more sentient , higher order life form. These aliens are believed to be from the constellation of Draco.


Now the most, common type of aliens, for which most ( 70%) of abductions are accounted. They are speculated to originate from Zeta Reticuli. Now these are the pale people something from Hole In The Sky and all. Abducting people, these ones are supposed to find away to cure themselves from a disease disabling them to procreate. Sounds weird. But these ones are the ones showing up fairly recently, round the 1700 mass .

Now back to everyone not working, this is the fool-  

Don't forget the parasitic bugs
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