Thursday, 27 February 2014


"Sweet mother, sweet mother, send your child unto me, for the hacks of unworthy gamers must be baptized in blood and fear."
                                                                           -Pratikaditya Das

Alright! I guess gaming is totally something that everybody enjoys. Be it those COD hard-cores or the FIFA pros, even the Mortal Kombat devotes, gaming unites us all. In fact, the number one YouTube channel is of a gamer, Pewdiepie. So far, I have found  types of gamers -

The Brawlers- These guys like games like God Of War, Prototype and such. Opting for sexy moves rather than gameplay. Although, there are always some who just go all out, guns blazing.
USP- These guys can take down hordes, if put in their right game.

 The KO Champs- These guys like games like Mortal Kombat, Injustice and Tekken. Could also be side by side a Hack-And-Slash devote or a RPG maniac(see below).Finesse is in their blood. 

  USP- These guys know style like the back of their hand.  

The RPG Maniac- Their motto, which they copied from Nintendo and are facing copyright claims for by the Inter-Galactic Federation Of Protection Of Licence, is-

"Everything not saved, will be lost."
                                                         -Nintendo 'Quit Screen' Message 

Some opt for long-range destruction, while some prefer CQC.In fact, I might have to divide them even more.

USP-  Classes,Classes Classes. These guys know how to make choices.

The Free Bird- They like open world games, and if you ever find a hardcore one, he will have-
All the GTAs (Atleast from 3D era onwards)
Driving master( In gaming, of course)

They like blowing stuff up, but also can be real stealthy.

They often have a powerful PC and/or a PS3, but exceptions are there. They can adapt to any game, as Open Worlds have many advanced gameplays
USP- Adaptibility! If they're good in Open-Worlds, they're probably good at RPGs or Shooters or almost anything!

The Eye Of The Beholder- They like shooting games, like COD, BF and Bioshock. What I'm talking about here is a first person shooter. This too, has many sub-types which would take me forever if I tried to type it down(Typing the Types. Lel).
USP- Can handle jumpscares,and PRECISION!

The Outsider-Who's-Trying-To-Peek-In- Third Person Shooter. Uncharted, inFAMOUS and Splinter Cell all fall in here. They know how to take cover, and have some of the best reflexes in gamers. 

USP- Reflexes are matched by none. Also, they know stealth
The Drivers- The racing game addicts, NFS top-scorers. Can brake well. They are just awesome but a lil' puny in most other games.
USP- They can literally manipulate the controller.

And the Pasta Of The Week is......-
If you guys don't know them already, check'em out. They're called 30 seconds to Mars, and have won their place as my favorite band.
Also, I wrote a new story-
The struggle
I'm working on one right know, as the topic is-
When A Friend Betrays. This is for the SWA for which I had written 731. Remember? Sorry if I missed out any type, type it out in the comments!

Signing out, are those the crazy bots about to destroy the world?
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