Saturday, 22 February 2014

MAS ++ + Comic Con!

Allright guys, this weekend was FABULOUS for me. The science fair our school had, MAS ++ ( The Second Mad About Science) and the awesome 4th ANNUAL COMIC FUCKING CON! Alright, I may be a little exaggerating as the MAS was helluva tiring and the comic-con had a helluva crowd. So i'm gonna do different entries for both of them. Also, if I have any prolific readers of creepy-pasta here you should rejoice, because I'm doing Pasta Of The Week from now on. I will refer to it as POTW. So this weeks POTW is:
The Puppetmasters Regime
Dark, eery, this one makes me shudder.
Back to the weekend, I'mma do two separate ones.

The MAS ++

Woah. AMASing is the word. We had dunkin' donuts and all, but the main attraction was our stall with the rocket and , my chart. At the end of the day me and Akshaye had roped in a grand total of 120-something people for explaining all our aliens stuff. Woohoo! The STEM stall though, which last time was awesome was this time a total failure. Everybody broke our forklifts.
But in the end, we had a lot of fun and got a nice ceramic cup with a fact about Mars on it. (Yeah, I didn't tell ya, my classes' topic was the Indian mars mission. )

The Comic-con!

This thing was awesome. Getting there was a problem though as we had to go through a narrow, dirty alley. There was a huge crowd, in fact, a pickpockets' paradise. In all my loot, I took some tees, Civil War: Front Line series and a cool Batman poster.

Yeah, we rocked it.
I also took some One Piece and my mother wanted to see the peanuts exhibition , which, we did.

Also, the SWA is coming (Scholastic Writing Awards), and I am gonna try to nail it.
Until then, keep tuned
Signing out, those meteor showers are headed our way
Just Another Random Guy
 EDIT: I couldn't post it until today, as for internet problems. The MAS and Comic-con happened on 8th and 9th. So much for destroying a nihilist, which you can't.

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