Thursday, 27 March 2014

Paranormally Normal

How's it going people? I got a new Pseudonym( Hush, keep it quiet!). Now instead of calling myself ########### ###, I shall call myself Patrick Daitya.

Oh yeah, I destroyed all evidence of my real name, except for my G+ profile.

The POTM is a shortie by my friend, Eli Wolffe (Another Pseudonym)-
#Note- Yeah, try not to enjoy

I looked at my mother,trembling,but it wasn't until I went near her that I realized why.The corpse in front of the sink was fresh,and the blonde hair was still very messy.I didn't think I'd ever feel my heart stop from seeing own mother,and I looked at the woman beside me.She was looking at me,straight into my eyes...crying,as if begging for help.Then it spoke.The lips of the corpse moved,"Don't believe her".At that moment i heard a whisper,"Call your father".At that same moment,the front door opened,and my mother entered,"Sam,who is that beside you?".I felt a hand on my chest,and a sharp pain on my back.I didn't realize what was happening until I saw my mother's head rolling towards me..and my own intestines falling onto the floor.The whispers came again,"Don't see,don't tell",and darkness caved in.

Woah. Although he may sound like a nightmare, he is quite cheesy. :3

However he refuses to believe I am a Daitya and insists that I am a British/German Poltergeist.

So much for the descendant of Ravana. T-T

Also, in a few days I be uploading my views on humanity

Ok, so here's today's spotlight

The Paranormal

Me and some 'friends' --! have created a group dedicated to explaining the unexplained

!-- #NOTE - These friends have never met me, and we only know each other through the web

Better put, normalizing the paranormal.

Or maybe, even decryption of the encrypted

Whatever it may be, we have dedicated ourselves to analyzing these events.
If you want to join us, you can contact me on Facebook --!

!-- #NOTE- See the Faeces-Buk Section of my blog.

I could show you a sample post, again by Eli-

Creepy fact of the moment 
If Soylent Green taught us anything, it's that there are a great many practical uses for the human body. Japan reminds us just how practical they can be by presenting the Hitobashira, or, "Human Pillars". Seeing as the country is already one at the technological forefront, we have to assume that if Japan tells us, "hey, it's okay to seal living people inside walls and foundations, it'll make that shit more durable!", it has to be true! Right? Right? Because fuck cement!
Dating as far back as the 17th century, the story goes that as an offering to the gods, living people could be sealed into buildings as sacrifices, which would apparently please the great LEGO gods and ensure stability and longevity to the construct in question.
Bones and other remains have been found on-site of several different locations, lending at least some possibility that human sacrifice may have been involved in the making of these buildings. One such location is Jomon tunnel, located on the Sekihoku Main Line. In 1968, in the aftermath of an earthquake (or possibly due to pissed off ghosts) a number of skeletons were discovered sealed into the walls of the tunnel, standing upright. But then, maybe Japan just gets really uptight if you abuse your smoke breaks one time too many.
Seeing as many of these structures stand today, perhaps modern workers should take note: Just how dedicated are you to your job?  

Sorry for his lack of ability to normally converse with people, but this is just a sample post

We welcome you all to "Secrets In Darkness",where shadows come to play nightmares,and what lies beyond is just a matter of unchaining curiosity.Horns up fellas,and enjoy the stay.


Me and a friend are planning to open another blog, co-blogged, called the backbenchers.
Also, Metal is pretty awesome and you should listen to this-

                                                                                                                             Signing out,
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