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"Let me hang, and DIE!"- Kinda Review Of Bitte Töte Mich

How's it goin' people? It's JARG, and today I'm gonna discuss a topic

Kinda sensitive.

Okay, so I'm a guy who has really long thought chains. I was reading this comic- Batman & Captain America, and it had that Red Skull, the whole Nazi thing. For those of you who read it, you might remember the moment when Joker finds out Red Skull is a Nazi, and fights against him, only as an act of patriotism! As Red Skull calls it- "What a misplaced sense of patriotism. "

Woah! Joker be like-
"I may be a criminal lunatic, but I'm an AMERICAN criminal lunatic!"

This will go down in my quote book for sure.

So I began researching again on this sh!t, and remembered my old Unit 731 story, and will write a sequel to it. (The sequel will be set in the Korean War)

And boom. My friend Subaru, from Romania, tells me about this song, Bitte Totet Mich, based on this suicidal Nazi. Lemme just give the lyrics-
Another tale of tragedy.
 He made the choice to end his life.
 So it is written, passionately.
 This soldier's fervent wish for suicide.
 His soul torn asunder by the horrors of war.
 One carrying so much death will soon care for life no more.

On the first day the soldier would quietly retreat to shoot himself through the head not far from his infantry.

"I can hear footsteps.
 Someone's coming near. 
Fuck! Should I stay? Disappear?
 Es ist mein bester Freund.
 Diesem soldat ist immer Für mich da.
 Quickly i put my Luger away. 
I thought this was my last day but i failed!"

"Bitte tötet mich! Bitte töte mich!"

On the second day he opened his eyes.
 Consumed by sadness he thought: 
"Today is the day I die. 
I will take my life with the rope, a bullet or maybe the knife"

So depressed. 
So empty. 
Wandering hopelessly, searching for death.
 His soul feels so old and so cold. 
The only desire left is his yearning for death.

He stumbled across an old farmstead and entered this wooden shack.
 There he found a rope and the guts to jump and hang with a broken neck. 
The second he tightened the slipknot, the barn door flew open.
 This time he was caught by a farmer who grabbed his legs to lift and hold him high.
 The soldier kicking and screaming: "You bastard! Let me hang and die!"

In this struggle the soldier went mad.
 When the rope snapped, he pulled a knife and, nine times in the stomach, the farmer was stabbed.

"Bitte töte mich!"

On the third day there was a fire fight. 
This bloody assault would last until midnight.
 Another opportunity for our soldier who craves suicide.

With open arms into the line of fire he asked for death.
 But then he watched his friend, who is trying to prevent him from killing himself again,
 die for his own determined suicide.

Here comes the part where he sticks the Luger into his mouth.
 He was shot twice in the spine from behind, then blows half his face all over the ground.
 Not dead yet but completely fucking paralyzed, Kept alive in his hell for two long years before he finally dies.

And that's some symphonic black metal for you. 
Bitte Tötet Mich means, as my German friend tells me, is - "Please Kill Me"

That sums it up basically.

However, when the farmer comes up suddenly, and stops the soldier, is a BIG FA moment. As you see, the soldier is basically ready to die, as the lines say-
"Searching for death"
As well as- "Yearning for death"
But as fate's cruel hand stops him, at the first day
( Interrupted by his friend, so he hides his gun. I don't think anyone here would let his friend see him commit suicide. Especially no gets a huge jump start because the friend is sickened by gore. Don't ask me why. I just know.)
Here, is a translation of the German part-
"It's my best friend
He's been always there for me"
That proves four things:-
1) It's a good friend. The way he says it, they two may even share a bro-mance.
2) Always been there for me? Well, he might have even thought twice about the suicide by then. I would surely hide the gun
3) OffTopic, but I'm bad at maths.
At the second day, which we were talking about.
Woah! He found the rope, and "the guts to hang himself".  As he finally nears his end to the 'sentence' on earth( No better then hell), Fate has to intervene and stop him, and what's worse.
He killed a civilian,( the farmer), as described-

The soldier kicking and screaming: "You bastard! Let me hang and die!"

In this struggle the soldier went mad.
 When the rope snapped, he pulled a knife and, nine times in the stomach, the farmer was stabbed.

I just love the way Carach says "You bastard! Let me hang and die!"
Just pure F.A. material. (FA or F.A. means F***ing awesome)

He let his friend die, at the third day, his own friend, dear friend, with whom he dreamt about Rainbo Blitz peacefully.
In his own craving for suicide. All in his own craving for suicide. 
War is a terrible thing.
It torments the strongest of soul and turns them to hapless victims of the tragedy
"When the rich wage war, it's the poor who die"
And............the last f***ing verse-
Not dead yet but completely fucking paralyzed, 
Kept alive in his hell for two long years before he finally dies."

I think Carach put it up beautifully. The soldier basically 'craving' suicide had to go through such consequences, and had to in the end rot away for two years/ basically live but unlive. He had to go through the memory of being the cause of death for a civillian, who tried to do him good, and his own best friend.

Woah. I was so shaked, and heard the WHOLE album. friend and I are planning to do a video of this or some other song, as only "The Funeral Dirge Of a Violinist" has one. We'll see which one.

Oh, and yeah, I know I'm bad at jokes but still-
Mere post ko +1 kar de yaar
Abki baar modi sarkaar!

Signing out, I'm completely paralyzed!
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