Monday, 14 April 2014

Red Versus Blue

Hey guys, it's JARG, and I just started...
No hate, please


Wait for it...


That is until I get a way of learning to code flash and actually installing it. So, I thought, after learning the basics, why not make a good 4-5 min video?
Since it'll be difficult to learn how to melee in a short time, I made a trailer first. Here's it!-
Music used is called Dramatic Trailer Soundtrack by The Secession

It's gonna be based on the eternal fight between Red And Blue, and I've given each powers..... so here's there profiles!

Name- Blue, Prussian
Alias- Aquan, Blue, The BLUE
Affiliated with- The Primary Colours , The Blue Berets, RSS (Russian Secret Service)
Powers- Has control of magnetism, and can levitate self. Has a nice understanding of weapons, both firearms and melee
Weapons- dual-wielded M9 pistols, Barret, and can use most modern conventional weapons. Uses his Death Scythe in Close Quarters Combat
Training- Kung-Fu, Spetsnaz training.
Quote- "I never lose"
Armor- Scrap Metal from everywhere joins his body and if continues for a long time, he can size up to, let's say, a giant
Ability Trigger Condition- If he comes into the vicinity of a magnetic field, or is hurt a lot, his magnetic abilities trigger.

Name- Haute, Red
Alias- The Flame, RED, The RED
Affiliated with- The Anachronics, The Primary Colours, The Red Berets
Powers- Electricity, can super-excite molecules to cause explosions
Weapons- Uzi, Barret, but can use most conventional modern weapons. Uses his "Slash Mini" as a melee as well as thrown weapon.
Training- Acrobatics, Green Beret
Quote- "You CAN'T win"
Armor- Uses Static Clouds, containing no fog and only super-excited electrons, as his surrounding armor. Anyone in vicinity will be shocked
Ability trigger condition- Once coming into contact with electric current, or health depletes by far, his electric powers are activated

So, I hope you guys enjoy the trailer, and the video, once it comes out.

Signing out, the INTERPOL will destroy the known world.
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