Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Bundle of Ideas.

So guys. It's JARG, and I've got a bundle of ideas.

So as some of you might be knowing I'm a HUGE comic buff.

So one of my favorite events of all time in the marvel universe main continuity is civil war. (Along with the whole Superior venom too). And look what happened.

A movie would be perfect, given they don't mess this up like EVERY other movie. (Only the Amazing Spider Man and X-men series are plausible. Not even all parts.)

So any 

Also, I made the teaser for Red vs. Blue, showcasing blue's abilities. Do check it out, it's on my facebook.

Next, I wrote a story, about a draculean cataclysm that changes the whole world. Looking at possibilities of a sequel. Will send to few friends first, and then will look at the possibility of publishing. Called betrayal of the highest order, it looks at the possibility of creating a new race. Did I just use possibility three times in a row? Woah, that was an interesting possibility that happened.

And, this weekend I've made two covers, for two songs, i.e. Wake Me Up When September Ends and Night Of The Hunter. Link to my channel  here:

And, me and my friend Kabir are planning a band and deciding to jam together for a while. We'll be recording some songs, including Can't Stop (RHCP) and Last Resort (Papa Roach).

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