Saturday, 24 May 2014

Summer vac, batchies

Ok guys. Here's some unedited crap to you (As posted to facebook group, Writers & Readers-

"Liberty Calls"

Another day to sigh
Another day to weep away
Another day to go on a high
Another day ,another day
(Lines borrowed, but still epic)
Those of them that work forces
Are the same that burn crosses
Those of them that work forces,
Are the same that burn crosses!
Those who died
Are justified?
By wearing a badge,
Are they the chosen whites?
(Now originality lel)
They massacre thousands,
Sparing no one
Wars got no ends
Atleast, none here, hun.
Is it a f***ing gold rush?
A sudden urge for power?
We're only told "Hush"
While they COWER!
Lemme hear them scream
While I BEAM
If it be a dream
It"ll be a F***ing NIGHTMARE
I don't CARE
For your pathetic lives
I'll burn your HAIR
If it bring me pleasure
A treasure
You thought you could rule us
Put us in the prison bus
It's time for a Revolution
Time for a evolution
Time for an execution
"Yeh sab paisa, woh to sadegi
Par janta maaf nahi karegi"

I know it isn't my best, but so long. Stay tuned. I might even write some rhymes for games
But ain't nobody got times for that.

Anyway, my school had it's first form evening( We usually have them in da morning) and I was playing the guitar (Part of the orchestra). school has FINALLY got over, a week later than other schools too, so I celebrated with A double size pizza, a bottle of Mt. Dew Code Red and a Cal-zone. Believe me when I say I can eat plenty.

Getting to the point, since I have a lotta time, now I'll be completing the epic Red Vs. Blue

Signing out, the Russians ain't that bad
Just Another Random Guy

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