Thursday, 19 June 2014

Fuss-ball bund. (Also, Deeper, Darker, Dastardier)

So, guys
It's that time of four years again
*sobers up

Fifa world cup haz started people, and obviously I'm ze one supporting Germany

And Muller did some GOOOOD thrashing
Even after that unworthy self-acclaimed 'sportsman' of Pepe, first commits a foul, and later offends the player by headbutting him.
Jaysus man. Manners.

So, I got my vacation after all, and now I'm gonna chill in Kolkata, and meet up some 'strangers'

!-- (What ya doing, Patrick?)

Meeting up with strangers, you thought you knew
(Speaking of that,)

How can I be yellow, and still so blue? --!

Okay, no big confession here, but I'm kinda becoming a comic freak
Not a geek

Not a nerd
A guddam frik

SO anyway, you guys too should get comic rack
Storing my collection of .cbr files well!

 So far I read all the volumes of X-Force and finished Green Arrow: Year One and Injustice: Year One

But guys, I don't know what to do anymore
I've got no direction

I don't CHERISH the very thing I used to enjoy wholeheartedly.
I have no life, I guess.

I've found out.
At my core, I wasn't a hero, I was a hunter.
Enough of pretending.

Red vs. Blue is gonna be out soon
Sometimes, it takes a broken mirror to piece a man's life together.

His soul, feels so old, and so cold.
The only desire, left
Is his yearning for Death
Yours nihilically,


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