Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Vampire's Goddamned Castle

Hey guys,
Check this out-
(It's a goddamn draft already, so no hate please)
The Blackest Night Falls from the skies,
The darkness grows as all light dies,
You’re just puny, puny mice
We crave your hearts and your Demise
by my Black Hand -- The Dead shall rise!
The Dead shall rise!
The Dead shall rise!

I, feel, so,
Is it possible?
That, I, Lie,
There’s no WILL
But only a desire
Wanting, a Kill
Stronger grows my fire
Asking, no bill
There, in my filthy mire

But there’s no fear,
Nor a sign of hope
Drunk not by beer
But by the power, of pope…
So, depressed
SO empty
Searching for death!

Am without compassion
Without hesitation
I have no expectation
Of this aberration
Of my mesmeration
A hopeless sensation
Of useless creation
And selfless destruction
Of a greedy suction
A raging eruption
A loving induction
A willing correction
Of a hoping Deathlok Nation
As the last ration
Victim of consummation

I find it hard to
Drawing a damn
Will I, find out a way?
Out of this Godforsaken land?
Where the souls are damned forever?
On these shallow marshy grounds
The shells create a mound
Of heaping bodies
Seeping anti-bodies
On the FLOOR!
(ECHO X3!)

Still working on it :P
So I went to my cousin's place, expect a blog post soon.Kolkata was awesome. Want to come here again. And ofc meet 'em guys

So today's blog post I want to introduce my friend, Subaru's band, called vampire's castle

 Does make sense really

*Transformation into serious philosophical 12 yr old bragging about not being a teen yet

We're all vampire's really
Feeding off each other. Hungry. Vicious. 

You see, we can't exist without the stupider humans. 
And the castle
Because we have only managed to shut ourselves off from the outside world, because we can't handle it.

Everything makes some damn sense in the world
And I spiral deeper into the vortex that is nihilism
Oh my.

Detonation upon reaching 2000 views

P.S.: I'm planning a film sometime.
You see, this time our school'll have a mad about heritage instead of Mad About Science
And the film booth that is planned
Ofc I'll manage it. :P
Also, talks of a upcoming short named :"Nutella Crisis"
Jk I dunno but yeah I'll be shooting a video sometime soon
P.S.S. Oh wait yeah here's the link and band's history

Vampire's Castle
The other link


Vampire's Castle is a band formed on the internet between three friends who wished to create their own form of symphonic/melodic black metal.
The band's name is a pun on their influences (Dimmu Borgir, musically; Theatres des Vampires, lyrically)

The band was formed in 2010 when Lord DracuLeo found Count Garmr on his Youtube channel doing covers of Dimmu Borgir songs. After listening to some of his instrumentals, DracuLeo asked for permission to write lyrics and add vocals to one of them, thus giving birth to what would later be known as 'The Sorrow of the Black Winter'. After coming up with a name and suggesting some themes, the duo started their own band and in a matter of months their first full-length 'Installment of the Night' was created. Soon thereafter, King Urgath joined as the guitarist, completing the unholy trinity.

For the fans who wish to keep in touch with the band and receive news regarding us and our music, this is the place for you! Just give us a like and join the ride. ;)
Band Interests
Creating music, rocking out and having a good time! \m/
Artists We Also Like
Dimmu Borgir, Theatres des Vampires, Burzum, Dissection, Bishop of Hexen, Cradle of Filth, Abyssos, Carach Angren, Sad Legend, Negura Bunget, Lordi

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