Sunday, 27 July 2014

Mars has (R-)Evolved (Part-1)

Sincere blog post now.
There's been a string of useless shit at tumblr. Upsetting shit.
I cannot fathom what made them write that, but I respect an opinion as an opinion.
Why? There are rules of nature. Most importantly, Evolve, or die.

Mmkay. Let me take a stand here. I'm echelon, and I do not agree with that letter.
Here's the link- Bad tumblr!
Yes. They have changed. Perhaps for the better, perhaps for the worse. Am I one to judge them?
The "request" (Air-quote request) is absurd. There is a point to which a band can work.
Let's agree at this. Their lyrics were so much deeper at C/T - A Beautiful Lie.
I don't care. They produced great music. Some people's expectations were fulfilled, some were not. 
The setlist point is ===> madness
The setlist is the choice of the venue. They play extra, they get nothing. Venue makes them pay for extra time.

The point about merchandise stuff is shit. Please. They're growing. Enough of expectations.
Yes, there is a point about the degeneration of music. I agree that LLF+D wasn't their best effort, both musically and lyrically (Opinion)
I'll talk more nonsense later.

Hmm. Hmm. Time for salvation.

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