Sunday, 6 July 2014

My Beautiful Food: Just Another Random Guy

I make my way through the crowd
Quick! I look at the clock. It's almost time
We shan't miss the sacrosanct dinner hour :3
Ahh. Just in time.
My mouth salivates

My nose is almost stuffed with the beautiful essence that is of food

I step
And yet closer
Till I can pick up in the glass tumbler
Oh god

The smoothie looks right in it's place
(My mind wonders how did they let me such a amazing product)

All right, go ahead
"Picture abhi baki hain, bc. Abh baith jaa"
Get a hold of yourself.
"But the jelly looks so marvelous in there!" squeals my brain
Ahh. Me and self-control have never been good friends.
I take the spoon and dig. I tried to find God at the bottom of the jelly.
I failed.
I try to find it on those cupcakes that are oh-so deliciously put on the platter square
Oh my gosh
Hard choice
I am tempted by chocolate
But the vanilla draws me with purity
While the strawberry attracts me.
Oh, the are so playful.
But we have missed the finale!

In a small glass "katori"
In a split second, I dive into the halwa
Without warning
It had no chance
My stomach is full
The plates are empty
My work here is done
 Signing out,
Soylent Green was a pretty damn good horror film

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