Friday, 25 July 2014

SCFT FTW! (Plead for soccer insanity)

Well, guys!
If I haven't told you already, the Silver City Football Tournament has started!
Three Teams, Seven matches, Three and a half weeks, and my butt :P

I'm really excited, and yesterdays match ended in a 1-1 draw resulting in Extra Time and Penalties. Whew! They won 1-0 penalties. I'll keep updating this. A bracket near a player is the number of goals scored

This is it :-

Kings                Warriors            Knights
Ishaan (3)         Sneghal(2)        Tushaar (3)
Me!                   Ayuush (2)        Joy (1)
Aditya   (1)        Nehal                Nishant
Udaijeet            Karthik              Tanmay
Kabir (sub)        Vishesh (sub)(2)Sanchit (sub)

So far, the Warriors have won one match, and the Knights have lost one. (Penalty Shootout: 1-0)

Update sees Warriors defeating Kings in a penalty shootout 2-0

Warriors     2     2      0     4       4      
Kings         1     0      1     3       3    
Knights      1     0      1     1       1

Death By Soccer Domination

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