Friday, 8 August 2014

Well, the Spelling Bee Could Sting

Walk. Walk. Ah well. Inter-House Spelling Bee. Just cause being the English Teacher's son guarantees you to hit marks, they say.

If the format stays the same, this could be my last. I've been in all editions yet from my house. We've done it once, we can do it again. Every time, my team-mates were the one that got in the way. This time N##### couldn't compete, and A##### wasn't selected.

Hmm. Given a team for the first time younger than me. Means I make the big calls. Not like they're that big. But still,there's some sense of responsibility you feel when you walk on the table with those younger faces smiling at you, those anticipating a victory have quietened, and ignorance prevails. Ever since the first spelling bee, which we won because of me, we haven't had much luck. But this is different.
This, I say,

Is Ultimatum.
I've always been the force to counter the others. And with the school , well, what you might call closest you get to a nerd, has left, I can't allow anyone to take center stage but me.

Okay. The first one that hits me is....

Did I ever mention our English Teacher doesn't JUST sound right?

World blurs a little. Did I tell you I kinda overdosed on Oreos? I'm Lactose Intolerant. Enough with the excuses.


Sounds differ. I struggle. Form a crease. My mind has already revved up the engine. What seems like hours with doubt of right answer is replaced in reality by a split second decision.


The round is drawed.

Next round ends with us.

Cereal/Serial they say. Serial?
Serial Killer. Jack the Ripper. Things don't stay. Partner Prithvi does his stuff, and we sneak ourselves off into the next round just barely.

Last word.
Second Last Team.

They say heiress, but the word sounds so....suffocated you would say it's probably Romanian or Slavic.

I take the decision.
Example, I ask.
"The heiress ascended the throne after the king died"

Easy win.


I know it isn't such a big deal. But I like to do it this way. They say, their life is pretty boring.
Then go out there and make it exciting.

Declaration of freaking independence

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