Wednesday, 15 October 2014


11:00 A.M. 
Nizamuddin Railway Station
New Delhi

Bumpy's shop was a small one. But size doesn't matter, as really its utility was as a hidden entrance to the underground safe house of the gang, the Daityas. But his shop wouldn't be useful, or needed much longer. He'd already sold it, and all trace of a gang's outhouse was going to be blown up with about 5kgs of Semtex. Boom! And all of that gone. The Mafia had already paid him. He would be way out of the explosion radius before time. 
 Hmm...all those years, with the cover-up act of a wheeler, had anyone ever helped him? The ignorant policeman, the disrespecting customers, the rude nearby wheelers.
He knew they didn't deserve such a fate, but neither did he ever have a reason to save them.
As he silently smirked, he thought he might as well take one last dirty overpriced kebab roll from that guy who never ever smiled, or even thanked Bumpy for putting up his schtick. He'd seen better landlords than him. As he paid for his coffee and roll, he thought again.
What HAD he done so terrible? Nothing.
"This coffee tastes like dirt" complained Bumpy
"What do you expect? It was ground this morning." replied the shopkeeper
"YOU grounded it. You better watch your work and tongue, boy. You still owe me that 5000 you took." He added
Bumpy simply took his food and thought about that money he owed him.
None of it mattered anymore. The thought had stuck onto his mind.
Before he snuck into the dispatch sent to take him away, he quickly took his doctor’s files (He’d been diagnosed with dementia at a very early stage) and pressed the big red button.
As he was handed that big bag of cash, and dropped off at St. Anthony’s House of Medical Learning.
As he was stepping into the hospital, he was overcome with a sense of overwhelming dread.
His wife and son would be reaching the train station by 4401 when he pressed the button…...

(Don't mind the weird name. I saw a sign at a railway station, and shit happens. Namely revenge season 5: Bumpy Khanna)

I hope I'm back

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