Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Grief of a Fanboy

"Oh come on, Daitya! It's just a fictional character! GET OVER IT!"
That's what I kept reminding myself. Oh, for all I knew, they would probably bring him back when they needed to, the huge money-sucking cows they are.

It all started way back in 2010, really.
You see a 7 year old, who has nothing to do. All of a sudden, he decides to buy this little (Even though it read- GIANT SIZED, on the cover, it was just 90 pages) comic book.
I'm not talking about Hugh Jackman's alcoholic "Bub" presentation of him on the big screen (Though he is a great actor). I'm always cynical about Marvel movies. And I shall stay so.

As a fanboy, you don't complain.
You don't dare to criticize each plot- you appreciate it for what it is.
You welcome the TV series as a "different take" on the titular character.
You watch the movies and forgive the bad acting and quirks here and there.
You never complain.
James "Logan" Howlett wasn't just another fictional character
He was a legend
The guy stood the test of time in Old Man Logan, Marvel's dystopian futuristic comic.
He led the X-Men when Cyclopes wasn't there.
He grew up in the late 19th century to a uncaring mother and a pitiful father, only to be abandoned and hunted down in the Wild Canadian North in the winter (Mmmh, freezing)
He’s survived the biggest underworld on earth- Madripoor, forget Mumbai and Bangkok
His legendary healing factor, which is also seen in axolotl, has thus been dubbed Howlett
But what can I do? I think he died a great death. (SPOILER) : Overlooking the Nevada sun,
He wasn’t just a murderer
He wasn’t only the best in doing what wasn’t very nice
He was also the best at winning our hearts

James “Logan” Howlett A.K.A. Wolverine
1880-90 to 2014
Rest In Peace
“I’m the best at what I do, but what I do isn’t very nice”
Such is the grief of a fanboy, that I must endure.

Ash to ash, dust to dust

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