Thursday, 20 November 2014

A Friend You Thought You Knew

How can I be yellow, and still so blue?
(Just for rhymes :P)

Upon the occasion of my birthday, I wondered.
Really, the friends I never met are so much better than the ones I know physically;

A friendship starts off strong, but then comes the exploitation.
The less a person knows, the better.
I don't know-I'm never a great guy- I don't even know if I really have a friend or not...
Wolves, we are. Loyalty is the only difference. A wolf stays loyal to it's pack. Humans should learn to.
Lions, we are. Pride is the only difference. A lion holds his ego intact but not too precious to itself. Humans swallow themselves up in it.

Is it true then? The less you know me the better?
Mystery is great, then.
But do you not fear what you do not know?

Well, being a teen isn't that bad

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