Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Oh well, I'm over it-
But there is you know, worse things than grief-
Trying to rationalize why the whole damn worlds pissing on you for no good reason-
Every cell of your brain screaming for mercy,
If a stranger whacked me with a car, I'd thank him for his courtesy.

On the bitter edge of reason,
On the point of no return
I can't revenge like Liam Neeson   (Okay I admit this is cheesy)
It burns!

Do this, do that!
Leave me alone for a second!
Oh yeah, I'm the rat,
I'm sure you reckoned!

Running to survive,

The voices won't stop hurting me
Into the abyss I dive..........
But it won't give back those lives.

I'm frustrated that the people I know the most and trust are not really trustworthy, and...
Well, let's just say, we (Or maybe you're lucky) all find out one day the expectations of friends.

Well, my birthday is coming up- expect a big-ass blog-post

I'm starting to forget the morals of nihilism.
It doesn't have any.

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