Tuesday, 9 December 2014


You know, that moment, when all you want to do is shut everything out?
A fortress of solitude?
Imprison yourself?
Cause that's when nothing else matters...

Close, your ears,
So the words, can't, hurt, you...
Close,  your mind,
When your thoughts start feeling blue

Close, your eyes
When the visions disturb
Shut out the noise,
Just if the voices reverb

Don't feel the pain, cause
The November rain
Can be beared
But not
your flesh seared
 On a grill of hatred,
 So free yourself, 
 From the grasp
 Just to imprison yourself
 Till your lungs rasp

When all that glitters is gold
Shield yourself from the bold
Imprison yourself, stranglehold
For the raiders are ice-cold 

My prison might be a hellhole,
But it's my OWN hellhole
Everybody's gotta play their role
Solitude stands on a sharp pole

Shut out the world 
Hide in your bunker
For when the truth is curled
Don't trust Guthy Renker
 My fortress of solitude, it seems
 Can't hold out everything
 My soul screams
 For a moment of loneliness
 The crowd is scaring
 I, don't react
 Just swell up inside
 Struggling to keep
 My mind

My prison is my armor
My solitude a weapon
My loneliness my shield
But my happiness?
My belonging?
Stays but a achilles heel

In the middle of the densest defence
Of imprisonment 

Signing out,
Defend the dreams, but dont just yet free them


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