Monday, 22 December 2014

Killing The Killer

"After what happened in Peshawar everyone can't seem to stop complaining about what happened. Sure, it was horrible and inhuman but we can't do anything. There's no point in just shouting "Those responsible must die!"
Why do you want them to die? An eye for an eye? An eye for an eye just ends up making everyone blind....
Open your eyes. Acknowledge what happened. Pay your respect to the victims and those that suffer from their loss.
Don't curse the fact something like this happens, because it does there's only one thing we can do about it. Respect the victims
And be grateful that YOU haven't come a misfortune like what happened in Peshawar"

That's something by a friend of mine, Aradhya Khurana.
I totally agree with this. Yes, 132 lives lost, but I don't think killing the killers is the solution. After all, one does not simply bite back the dog that bit you.
Innocent lives lost. The Taliban's supposed retaliation to a military offensive. Woah. Great, kill the children of course, cowardly, and say it was all revenge?
Honestly, if Pak doesn't put an end to the Taliban in their territory after this kind of a wake-up call, I don't know what will.

But, I'm by your side.
I think the Taliban already attacked children once.
Looks like Malala became a pose of inspiration, even going on to become one of the most influential people and winning a noble prize.
You knew it Taliban, don't mess with the kids.

The schoolboy, tucked in uniform, said goodbye to his mother
Into his school he went, oblivious to the presence of another
Scaled the wall 9 cowardly men, hopes to kill the helpless,
No wonder on the Judgement, they were deemed soulless.

Once, rang the bell! Shouting warning.
The children kneeled, the children kneeled.

Twice, rang the bell! Pleading mercy.
Didn't they feel, oh, didn't they feel?

What revenge would they take,
On hearts innocent,
And intentions pure?

Whose cowardly act was this,
Whose bullets sent,
At the bodies of young?

The rain of bullets
Fell upon the brave
The pain of the fallen
Aren't shared by the ones who rave.

We're just an innocent bystander. 
All we'll do is protest
For the rulers rule, they've gotta get it right
Or coup d'état ; you know the rest

I don't have any words for this atrocity

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