Monday, 1 December 2014

Welcome To Your Lie

I don't like this world.
Yeah. But it is pretty big and shit, so I  might just see all of it before I end up leaving it.
Plus, there's the food, so...
Hypocrites. Morals and views change at a moments glance to please the masses.
There's enough reason to hate it.
Let me quote the Silver Surfer, the cosmic entity visitor who we did not greet.....properly.

"Of all the worlds I've known, of the myriads of planets upon which I've trod...
Never have I known a race so filled with fear... with dark distrust... with the seeds of smoldering violence!....
As this.... which calls itself....
Silver Surfer, from 
Silver Surfer: When Lands The Saucer!
Mood: Bitch on Human Bitches!  

I don't like this world at all.

Phonies. Yeah, I like that word. Phonies. 

Give me a fake layer
Something to dream upon
Get the praise higher,
Cause as if there's no one to recon

I don't like this world so much, I often leave it.You know how?
I dream.
I dream of kingdoms. 
I dream of a life 
I dream of wars
Hallucinations of endless strife

I dream of success
Visions of a happy future
I dream of excess
Thoughts are but a tumor

I keep dreaming,
in a coma of endless sleep.
But how can you follow your dreams,
When you recline asleep.

Now you can dream big
You can dream small
I like to dream, but
Let's not let them turn into

Something inspirational by Shonda Rhimes-

Wake up people
Let's stop dreaming

All goes wrong when you question your own existence
Just AnotheRandom Guy


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