Friday, 2 January 2015

A Happy New Year

Here's to the life that never was. The friends that never met. The jokes that were never cracked. The moments that were never lived.

The year that never happened.

It's been a more than a year since what I discovered, a dueling community. Thank you. Even tho I came to Kolkata and couldn't see most of you (I'm sorry for that, yes), I'm pretty happy I found you guys, thank you.

Thank you people, for a start that was my band. Hopefully we'll get a few demo songs before we release our E.P.

Thank you friends, who I met across the Internet. I don't need to name, I guess, but we ranted on end for hours on music/football/shit. I'll still be the confused little thirteen year old, I guess.

Thank you everybody. Thank you for this journey that was this blog. A couple of months, yes in between where views trickled in as rarely as dew on dry mornings.

Thanks, Arsenal, for giving us a FA Cup and of course Real Madrid, "La Decima!"
Thank you, everybody from the German National Team. At least we lived up to our expectations. Thank you Klose, for our journey. 

Thank you, people who gave me trust, and then shattered it all. We're stronger now. After all, what didn't kill me, made me stronger? 

Thank you, guys. But whatever happened to going to Japan when I would turn 16? Whatever, we shared moments, and it was enough.

No resolutions yes. Why make meaningless empty promises you're not gonna keep?
I will try, and maybe fail.
But let's not fail to try

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. It had been a pleasure. 

Legio XII Fulminata!

EDIT: I guess it'll show as 2nd or 3rd Jan, Sorry, forgot to update Lappy with PST, was in Whitehorse, Long Distances can be a bitch :P
That's a shitload of commas....

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