Saturday, 31 January 2015


Have you ever crawled,
Been on your knees?
Has your soul been mauled
Or just that you're heartless
To not listen to these pleas?

Have you ever felt helpless
Fell into the abyss
But got out you did nonetheless
All on your own

The abyss was lovely, dark and deep

And to it the promises you did keep
And it's profits you did reap
And into the madness you did creep
And lead the others unto it like sheep?

You can't help but cry
At all they did to you
But when the times comes to avenge
To find yourself not willing to

You're the Catcher in the Rye
You're the Greater Gatsby
You're the Silencer of the Lambs
And the shadow archetype
You've lived long, waited, long, resented long
Now you act
But you can't

You awoke like Lazarus, falling apart but ready to come back
You had beaten and broken until you had a crack
Yet at the end of it all
You didn't fall

You thought up a thousand different scenarios to beat them.
But every time, you fail to.

Hiatus for a month, bye

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