Monday, 5 January 2015

Just Another Random Travel Blogger

Ah, well, after all this is a multipurpose blog, and nobody reads it anyway, except for the person reading it right now. Oh, Hi! You're one of the few people to do so, by the way! Take a seat, will you? Yes, people whoever reading this, we've been low on views, like all time. So, how about I post whatever the fuck I want to, yeah?

So, starting 7th January 12:00 Noon IST, I will be putting up travel updates every 16-20 hours. And we'll end on 10th or 9th. Cause, yeah, nobody cares.

So, do stay tuned, and we're going to review some restaurants as well. (Including the 5-star Fortune! It costs a fortune, yeah, but Deli it is.)

I used to just talk to myself. Now I blog as well.

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