Friday, 9 January 2015

Sick In A Ironic City

Hmm. A founded by Islamic-Origin city in which it's THIS hard to find anything made of meat, I don't think you'll find except for Ahmedabad.
Bah, who cares, I had a stomach bug, I didn't eat a lot.
Once again, I apologize, cause y'know, I DID say I would travel blog. Whatever,  the job eez done.

So, instead of happily gobbling away at the all-you-can-eat buffet, I spent a lot of my time on the bed. Worry not! I did makeup for it in the following day, and so, ok, here it is!

The Fortune Hotel-
The Earthen Oven is good. Nice good food, and it's North Indian selection is delicious. But I still don't see how that could be the best North Indian place. Anyway, it is a weird city, let it be
Their breakfast buffet is OKAY at the most. Good Lord, they can't even poach an egg properly! And the baked stuffed tomato, well, I'm not commenting. A negative review. Sheesh! Their Donuts weren't made very well, fried good but the icing flaked off. Only thing I felt was good was their Cold Cut selection. Boo! Next!

Of course we ate at Barbecue nation but yeah I'm too bored to review it.
As I said, I'm really sick, so what better than play golf, right?
Joking, the course hasn't opened up yet to the public, I just went in there and clicked some photos- Be sure to check it out on 31st Jan if you live in Ahmedabad and have a like for golfing! (Beverley, I think. I loved Hole 9).

So, yes. Tommorow we might be checking out the Revolving restaraunt, and then I'll get back to the emo blogger I was.



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