Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Why do we strive,
For what may never be ours?
Live our lifetime in denial,
Falsely pass away the hours

We dream and think
Of a thousand it-could-be's
But never come to grip
With the reality

We're fools, and great ones at that
To think of what is as distant as Mars
So go on, wear your hat
Hide the sorrow, away you cower

She walks in beauty, we say
Of cloudless climes and starry skies
But dashed be that hope's ray
Failure we must see through our own eyes

I've been in the alley, long and dark,
Looking for my answer.
My truth was quite stark
Still I journey down the river

Humans are flawed creatures
Angels more even so
Is it the mindset, is it the culture,
That refuses to take the answer for no?

We love, we die
In the quest of that unattainable
We hate we cry
Even though we were never capable

It is my destiny
I can't forget that something shiny
There was a maiden fair
But why shall she dance with the bear?

When you realized it never really was possible
When acceptance is no longer a choice
Do you swallow the truth, or nibble?
With blood do your eyes moist?

We've all been through this 
Expected something, accepted another
But in the end my brain does hiss
At the peculiar human nature
 But do you know
I'd rather live in denial
Than silently crow
Over my cause being left in a file

That was some deep shit right there

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