Monday, 23 February 2015

Rhyme Battles

Apparently during the worst of times I find it good to rhyme along with people.
Blog posts not so frequent 'cause exams

(Trebuchet- me, Bold, Akshaye)

Nothing really matters to me
I have seen my destiny
Not in the world not in my mind I am free
To all my enemies and friends I'm sorry
Into the world of death
Carry me
I drive you last into my lorry's
You do
And you see
The cow goes moo
And blue is the sea
This world is bland
Kinda useless
So is the food
I am but the hand
Of my mood

I taste the sea
In my pee
It feels like me
Tasted my sanity
It has rotted, it has died
The people the god all had lied
The mothers they cried
On death's chariot I ride
No place to hide
So I went
Yeah I went
Into the palace he dearly called his
A place of horror was this
But my life I will miss
Even if it was filled with piss
It had been long since I could feel even a kiss
So I told him to stop
And we stared
A little nervous, a little scared
There he stood behind his lair
Neigh said his mare
And my, he had no hair
That was the real scare
Blue eyes blue hat and brown skin
And with that physics defying grin
He lifted that bottle of gin
And threw it into a bin
We dine in hell"
Said that measly skel
Dine upon the droids that fell
The feast was grand but it felt mel
Goddarnit I said to my Dell
It hanged again like the King's Head
"Another Day"
"Another day  it wails
Oh the heavens oh the skies
In both the kingdoms the angel cries

This was a mistake


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