Friday, 6 February 2015

The Hangar Messiah - #1 "Ranting On Thin Ice"

I'm annoyed on the topic of annoyance.
Ok, say everybody made a plan. You told 'em, no, the Daitya can't do it. The whole group somehow does it. But, little do you know, half of them actually made plans of their own to NOT do that.

 (Keep in mind- the act was something we could get punished for: No, the Daitya wasn't a coward but he knows what is possible and what is not)
So the other half completely forgets that I WAS THE GODDARN ONE WHO TRIED TO HELP THEM!
Guess what. The daitya got the BS end of it.
You're ready to do stuff. You say, alright, we can do this.
You're ready to help. But they don't want it. They "Don't fucking see it coming"
Alright. Alright. But don't fucking crap on your ready-to-be-saviour. (A Hangar Messiah, if you must)
Oh, but even if I did come, would you eat my soul out? Drink my blood and eat my flesh? (Sorry, for the offended religious people, but I had to do it)
Guess people don't fucking see it coming

I was there for you
But you turned your back
On an invitation
To your saving rack

You didn't heed thy warning
You went on ahead
But when it's time to get the scorning
Instead of the guilty, my name is said

I guess I'm ranting on thin ice
I guess the fault is really mine 
But now, I don't need to be nice
Don't care if we leave here dyin'
 A new bi-monthly series- Ranting On Thin Ice

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