Monday, 16 March 2015


I am the spark that en-flames your will
I am the fearless general
And so I must lead with pride and power
For I am the hero whom others shall follow
Unto an epic adventure
To conquer hesitation
To destroy limitation
Suffering humiliation and ridicule, but
All in all for the ascent of my rule
I am that which overcomes
I am sexual desire
I am the unquenchable thirst
I am primal hunger

Fear me
For I am the destruction of innocence
I am the violence embedded in flesh
I am the pain in the bones of the mortal shell
The dark heart of the Earth
I am hell.

Worship me.
I am the fluid
The very liquid
Of your death, of your life
The same stuff of horror flowing down when starteth the strife
Flowing down your veins, a toxin
Of misery, of destruction
Of your desire
Your burning fire
For I am,

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