Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Ranting On Thin Ice #2- I Will Gut You Like A Pig

It’s that time of the year again

I swear to God. By what I have been by, and now which is brought to memory recently by stuff.
F*** with me and I will gut you like a pig

Oh, because for all me f***ing life’s sake I have been nothing but pushed around, humiliated, and treated like a bag of shit that anybody can f***ing step on anytime.
Woah. It’s my bullshit. Kindly remove your shoes from it.

Am I supposed to lie here rotting?

Cause that’s what’s been all this life

Humiliation never stopped coming

You all held me at knife.


That’s what I’m trying to make
Try to mess with me again
And you'll lie to waste

Cause I'm not the same anymore, sugar.
And this is my home game
I'm back. Badder. Bigger. Newer.
Someone's gotta pay for all that shame

So this is it.
The night of the hunter.
The day I get revenge.
The night to remember.
The day it'll all just end.

So why don't you come here
Challenge me
You thought I was just a mere

Respect rusts
Anger seeths
Time to burn
Time to defeat 


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