Monday, 23 March 2015

Reasons Why This Won't Be So Active

Nah not misleading you. As the title implies. I'm writing a few screenplays  (Director's bug aaaarghh) so yeah, most of my time goes there. But don't worry, I'll be here as soon as I can, as much as I can,
So, seemed kinda rude to leave you guys without a piece of me. (100 brownie points to whoever though that wasn't weird)

Titled 'Emotions Betray Me'

Not a day, passes
That I don't forget
Not a night goes by,
This fate in stone 'tis set

I keep walking by,
But my emotions betray me
Keeping it in, smile a little smile,
But my conscience is the enemy

Sometimes I wake up at the middle of a dream
The kind that makes you question reality,
It's hard pulling, won't you help me,
But must not show, oh, my emotions betray me

I don't suffer, from insanity
Rather I enjoy every damn minute
Seeing us fools, dying, loving, f***ing
All for nothing in eternity
So I say,
Where did my angel go?
Vanished, vapid, perfect, stupid,
You are the one.

I try to walk by each day
But my emotions betray me 
Talk without a stutter, my love.
But the conscience is the enemy.

Quentin Tarantino is a ---GENIUS
A bad motherf***er from the wallet to the p****

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