Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Unsent Letters

***This post is written for indiblogger's indivine, #UnsentLetters***

Dear X,

Where did you go?
I see people walking around too, with their beaus
But you know,
I want you,
To finally come,
It's been too long a wait,
Too harsh, been downing all my rum
You know you're the only one
But where are you now?
Searching the earth I run
Only to realize you're not around

It gets a little lonely sometimes
Without you here
I kill myself a little each day
Wipe away the tears
My eyes swell up,
I can't help it I'm sorry
I try to mount the stirrup
Thinking of Lochinvar's story
Thing is,
I'd steal you too
From a court, a fort or a terrace
I'm screaming out loud
Hopelessly thinking you'll hear me
And come running to me
But you're not around

We've never met, you know
You're just in my dreams
But I know that you're looking for me
I know that you're searching for me
I think of all the times we could share
But instead I devolve into an empty stare
I'm just a speck of dust in the galaxy
Useless to find, worthless to keep
X, I've missed you long
But instead you do not come, and I sing this song


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