Friday, 17 April 2015

Release The Savage

Listen to me.
You've got to listen to me.
Why do you do what you do? Your job? Your life? Carry on through pain? Enjoy life as you 'think' it should be?
You do realize that happiness is just an emotion? A chemical. Rather, something that is FOOLING you into thinking you feel good? So why do we do what we do? We talk about art, morals, values and stuff, but what do we really care about? What is it that we are looking out for in the end?
We're fools dancing on a burning ship. We're assholes. We're ant sized idiots who don't matter at all. After all, what good will it do when you blow up the world? Or save it from blowing up? Happiness? People say strive for it. But what do you do, your 'happiness' is just a simple drug.
A drug that you are addicted to.
A drug that we keep striving for.
Your happiness is JUST a drug your body gives in exchange for its survival and maybe generation of more offspring. 
Your body is a traitor. It makes you cry. It makes you thirst for the drug that is happiness?
So what do you do? I'm baffled. I guess there is nothing much to do. Do whatever you wanna do, really. Who cares if you just got fired from your job? You lost the love of your life? You are ashamed in front of your family? It's just your body giving you the false illusion, in the end.
Do whatever you wanna do. Run away. Fall back on the primal emotion of hunger, hunger for yourself.
For once, block out all the signals that your DNA dictates you to do.
For once, be the beast you need to be. The beast that knows only himself. Lose your conscience.
For once.
Release The Savage.

See ya later.

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