Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Frame Of Mind (Also, 69th post! :3 )

I see you.
Giving up? So early?
For now you can stay
Right here we will play
Until somehow you can find
A slightly better frame of mind

Take a deeper breath and give it time
The feeling's gone but the moment's right
Take your step out into the light
Fighting your state of mind.
Understand you can always stay
To be or not to be, but there's no may
Doesn't matter if the emotions sway
Your broken frame of mind.

When they say you will fall,
You will reach nothing at all,
Hide your tracks, beneath the dust,
Of your different frame of mind.

When all the feeling is gone,
Your growing apathy has shown
There again, in a new dawn,
Yelling out, under the sun,
That here we come, here we come
Reach out and think again,
With your shattered frame of mind

Oh when the light comes all true
You will know what to do
It's a step we take, me and you.
And then we will have won
With our unique frame of mind.

When the feeling is gray
And the soul in dismay
Understand you can always stay
I'll be here throughout your days
Hold your breath
And take a step
Into your new frame of mind.

So please. Never give up. Just rise higher, to a new altitude. For a different perspective.
And seek a new frame of mind.

Thanks for all the support, people. And this is for the ones who need some right now.
Cheers, meet 'ya at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe

It's also the 69th post, cheers! :3
[and yes, this was directed at you, obscured radiance]

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