Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Breaking Away

Breaking away, from the mainland
Been too long, paths erased off the sand.
But now I'm moving on
Gotta get on with my life 
Now I'm moving on, moving on.
Now I'm moving on, gotta get on with my life.
Moving, moving on.

I've, been away from the mainland
But all of my wind is gone.
And all of the paths, I'd drawn .
Have sunk into, the ocean, sand.
Where no one can see,me stand.
I can't let the dark embrace
Cower the dreams I chase.
Under the blood and rust.
I can't let myself-
Give up

But change-
Is inching its way through time.
As I'm, I'm walking this dangerous line
As I, I watch the world unfold
As they, they're just doing just what they're told
But I'm left in nowhere-
No place to hide.
Out in the open.
Like ashes in the sky
I quit the illusion.
I'm moving on, on.

But, I wouldn't mind a hand.

De-activated all social media that matters
Working on a script

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