Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Last Post (such misleading titles)

So, after a long long time, I've finally decided to shut down this blog. Shut it down, yeah.

So there isn't much to say

No I don't know where I'm going but I know I'm gone.
I can't say what I've been feeling but I know I'm done.
I'm looking in the shadows,
Shadows of the past.
I do want more,
But we're moving too fast.

I ain't feeling, like I used to.
I'm knocked down hard, cause I used to;

Defy gravity.
Defy, gravity.
Goodbyes keep dragging me,
And I'm fighting gravity.
Fighting gravity.
I tried, but I keep falling.
Cause falling's easy.
But there's only one way up.
So I've been thinking about something.
Lately I've been alive.
Cause I found my reason in nothing,
So I'll close my eyes.
If I don't mean nothing.
To everything around me
Is it my fault that we are who we are,
When we've only ourselves to blame;

The sunlight begins to fade now
And I feel like I'm losing time
But I don't know how I'm here
The sunlight is turned to gray
And I feel like I'm losing love again
And I don't know how I'm here 

It's hard to know,
When it's time to go,
But I think I can,
Show the way out,
For myself,
Cause I know I'm fighting a battle I can't win.
I've tried hard but I'm the last of my kin.
It doesn't matter anymore,
When they won't think of you.
With an injured wing the eagle finds it hard, to soar.
So I'm leaving to.
Cause everybody leaves.

So I'm done.
And I don't know where I'm going but I know I'm gone.

You'll see me. Somewhere for sure. Just not here or on tumblr anymore. I'm done writing. You'll see my name on a youtube channel today maybe, or you'll see it on a vimeo short film, all i'm saying is watch out :)
For the last time. Haha.

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