Tuesday, 5 April 2016

When God Happens

When God Happens.
I know most of you reading this probably don't believe in Him, a way or sort. Or you could keep your faith, but personally, I was never a man of faith until sometime now. But is it because we're simply looking for the wrong thing? How can you feel faith for a person, savior, somebody you've never seen? It either takes blind love or total belief which is beyond me.
When Moses went to God at the top of the hill and asked Him to describe himself, He simply replied "I am".
Therefore I believe God; is not an entity; or person; but an action, a verb. God is something that happens. Something that you feel. A personification of creation, goodwill, everything that is sunshine, puppy dogs and rainbows. As absurd as it sounds, haha, once you feel the all the good, you realize you're feeling something beyond you.

When the towers fell and the people of the world stood in silent unity with the people of New York. People lost their lives, humanity itself was shook but we came back stronger.

When you look into the eyes of that girl at the party and you know that you want it so bad you're going to do anything, anything to look in that all day.When you learn that woman or no woman, your happiness is bound by one thing and one thing only- yourself.

When you're inspired by the timeless evergoing clockwork enigma, that is Nature.
When you read a good book. Watch a good movie, forever changed by the sum of a few hours.
Maybe it's the few hours you spent in reflection; and when you came out, you knew much better.

When you see Her recover from the illness that plagued her, brought back to life, saved from her terminal condition.
When you realize that his death wasn't your fault. When you learn to forgive yourself. Forgiveness, to others is often preached, but the most important thing maybe is to forgive ourselves for all the things that we never did.

 When a parent gets to hold his child after months of suffering to see him- When a child embraces his father after months of his absence and suffering.

When the war ends. When out of the turmoil there's nothing but rebuilding and creating again. 
That, I believe is when God happens.

Perhaps, we won't die. We'll keep spinning on like a record meant to play forever.
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