Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The Left Wing (Or A Rather Late Love Letter To Rosicky)

 - Part of the 365 days of writing challenge. Fml.
As most of you probably know, I'm an arsenal fan. Welp. Just clearing that out. What most of you probably don't know is how it started. Watching the world cup with my dad, in 2006, breaking the tradition from my father's side of the family and supporting and watching Germany, I couldn't help but admire how Lukas Podolski effortlessly linked up with a now legendary Miroslav Klose. And feel bad for Mertesacker being kicked in the balls, that too. Years later when I make the effort to find out which club they both played for, surprise! Yeah, Arsenal, and I'm still the biggest fan of the one of the two  remaining here. Should be next to be named captain, in my opinion. But I'm getting too technical. 

Next time 21st April, I happen to be watching the TV and see a demigod hailing by the name of Andrey/Andrei Arshevin totally annihilate Liverpool from the left wing, only for the match to be drawn sadly, but he scored 4 goals in one of the most thrilling matches of the Premier League ever. There was Tomas Rosicky who till date remains one of my biggest inspirations, the way he went all in for tackles, his shots and flair, he always sped up our game by two or three touches and we never looked to be making any mistakes on the ball when he was around, and most importantly, banging Spurs every time. There was Podolski when he came around, scored in bangers and was an absolute bulldog on the pitch, my favorite till date. And nothing pleased me better as a fan when arguably the start of title winning intentions was started, after 3 years of hard support knowing the club as "4senal" and trophyless, Mesut Ozil coming around for a short time however flattering to deceive until this season, that too centrally sadly not on the left, and Alexis Sanchez lighting it up on his debut season.
There's something I've fallen in love with about this position and this club, and everybody has these little things they're too attached to. Which is the reason I celebrated when Theo scored the goal from the left, a total screamer vs Manchester City, and abused him when he would play there elsewise obviously not deserving it. These're the little things you're a little emotional about and you forego logic when these are brought into conversation, but hey, I'm proud of mine, my little addiction the left wing, arsenal, and all of number 7s at Arsenal who've made me fall in love with the beautiful game again and again.
Thank you, this was JustAnotheRandomGuy
Day 1, #365 Days Of Writing

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